SPINNING is a favourite form of exercise that uses stationary bicycles. This exercise is very efficient for improving and keeping yourself fit, losing weight, forming body, and in general great form of preparation for numbers of sports.

A huge advantage of Spinning is that this sport is suitable for everyone. Due to the mechanical device on the bicycle, everyone is able to modify the difficulty of pedalling.

A great way how to get the most from your exercise, is buying a s sport-tester which will measure your heart rate. With the sport-tester, you will know how much intense your training needs to be to get the results you want. If you wish to lose weight, you need to keep your heart rate in the aerobic zone, so you will be burring fat. If case your heart rate is higher, burning fat is not so effective, as it is slower. On the other hand, if your aim is to improve your cardiovascular and respiratory systems, you should keep your heart rate higher.

What to you need for a spinning class?

Pokud jdete na spinning poprvé, nezapomeňte o tom informovat Vašeho instruktora. Pomůže Vám s nastavením kola a vysvětli správnou techniku jízdy.

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